Where are the Peacemakers?

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Address of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. 

When we ask “Where are the peacemakers ?”, we also have to think what is the source of the disturbance in the world? Peace is our nature and yet we see there is misunderstanding, misuse and misrepresentation.

The main cause of disturbance is stress and a lack of coordination and interaction between people. The individual peace, the peace in the society and the collective peace in the whole world starts from where we are.

How can we get rid of our stress? How can we be calm and see life from a bigger context?That I feel can give an answer to the world problem of uplifting human values. Spirit comprises beauty, intelligence, knowledge. And Spirituality is that which deals with that, that which deals with compassion, love, caring and seeing life from a bigger context.

According to Indian mythology – the Goddess of wealth is wedded to the Lord of liberation. They always come together- Lakshmi and Narayana. It means that knowledge and spiritual awareness should go hand in hand with social and political system. Only then can justice prevail in society and there will be a sense of belongingness with everyone in the world irrespective of their religious and cultural background or age group.

We need to impart this education, at the level of schools and colleges. If you just go to a school and ask a child how many friends you have in a class of 30-40 kids? They will count on their fingers – 3-4-5!! Over a period of 4-5 years, 6 years, a child is unable to be friendly with 30 children, pals, in their own classroom, how do you expect them to be friendly when they come out of the school?

So we need to address these issues and enhance the human values in our education system; make people relate to themselves. Neither in school, nor at home, are we taught how to get rid of the negative feelings and emotions that we come across in our life.Buddhism, Hinduism and all the traditions of the world say, go deep within yourself. Ask yourself Who Are You? How I can get rid of this anger, jealousy, greed, these tensions and negative impressions with in me?.

Through the help of breath and meditation, I think we have a hope to bring fulfillment to all our aspirations, i.e. to get a better world, to see a world where human values stand foremost. We identify ourselves as somebody – I belong to this religion, this culture, this tradition, but we forget the basic identity that we are human beings

When this stands first and foremost, all other identities follow behind that, then I think we can achieve what we are really looking forward.

So, peacemakers are right here and everywhere, within each one of us we can create that peace, we can create that vibrations, we can contribute.


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