Know the Difference – By Swami Chidananda

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                                                                                         Monday, September 08, 2003  
Know the Difference
Certain things matter; certain others do not.
It matters, to know the difference.

Certain approaches release tension; certain others cause it. Know the difference
The right step reveals freedom; the wrong one puts you into a trap. Know the difference.
A certain outlook blesses the other person; a certain other binds him/her to you.
Know the difference.
Some relationships contribute to your spiritual growth; some others hamper it.
Know the difference.
Certain food invigorates you; certain other causes lethargy. Know the difference
Right relation with Nature helps you shed your ego; wrong relation (or no relation) builds thick walls of the shell called ego. Know the difference.
Meeting with pleasure (or pain) is innocent; seeking (or avoiding) it is a psychological complication. Know the difference
Love is the natural perfume of living; psychological dependence is the vicious mischief of thoughts. Know the difference.
True education has no room for fear; false education relishes hierarchy and authority.
Know the difference.
True religiosity has equal vision; false religion divides humanity. Know the difference.
In true meditation, the mind is awake; in false meditation, the mind is doped (in the name of control or stillness).
Know the difference.


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