Accept the World at its Worst

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Weekly Knowledge #85  Dallas, Texas  22 Jan 1997  USA 

Suppose the worst of the world is given to you; what would you do with it now? You cannot complain if you get the worst. You can only complain if you don’t get the worst. If the world is at its worst, then it can only get better and you are here to make it better.
Jim: When things are at their very worst, then there is only time and space. (Laughter)
Patty: When you see that life is suffering then you go within.
Paula: It is like running out of breath and you have to inhale.
What happens when you have to do it all by yourself — no one comes to help? You do everything by yourself?
There are three options:
1.Frustration and complaining.
2.Take credit that you did it by yourself — thank others for not helping so that you  could take all the credit. (Laughter)
3.Be grateful, pray deeply, and know that you get all the energy needed to do it all alone. There is only one doer.
Short story: Guruji was walking along the beach with some devotees and there was a huge desalination plant (changes salt water to fresh water) costing millions of dollars. Nearby was a coconut tree. Guruji looked and pointed out that the tree is a natural desalination plant. It takes the salt water from the earth and makes the fresh water inside the coconut. The knowledge is like the tree — it takes us from salty mud to the pure bliss.
Jai Guru Dev


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