Value of singing at satsang – Guru Purnima 2002

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Qt:  Value of singing at satsang?
Sri Sri:
  You sing for some time.  When we sing, all of our minds are in one field.  The singing….like we have two sides of the brain. One is logic the other is music.  So sometimes you think, and sometimes you sing.  So satsang is the combination of both.  Sometimes we discuss intellectual, logical knowledge and then another time, for some time for satsang, we sing also.  These ancient chants are very very old.  See, the sound vibration remains in the space, in the ether, a long, long, long time.  They don’t die, disappear.  Because sound is an energy.  And energy can never be destroyed.  So the sound energy remains in the consciousness, in the air.  The old ancient sounds that we sing, it generates our consciousness, vertically, very deep.  That’s why the Gregorian chant, the vedic chants, the mantras.  They all help in very subtle way to resonate each layer of our consciousness.  So the music, the sound, Om Namah Shiviya, our consciousness is so old, twenty thousand, thirty thousand year old, maybe even million year old, and these chants were being done a long time, twenty thousand years ago, fifty thousand years ago, they were chanting Om Namah Shiviya.  So that same sound vibration, whatever the tune, like a tuning fork, when you strike a tuning fork, there is something of  a similar frequency in our system starts vibrating. Like this when we chant, very ancient, the deepest layer of our consciousness also starts, something happening, vibrating.  So the meaning is not important.  Don’t think you are singing to this God or that God, or something, somebody.  We are not singing for somebody, we are just singing and enjoying the value of the sound, the vibration of the sound.  It’s not directed to someone.  It’s not to pray to someone, it is just for us to swim in the ocean of sound by ourself. Did you get it?  You are singing for, to raise the vibration in the space and the space is what we are made up of.  Hum?  98% of our system is space. Singing will help to bring that serenity.  Singing simply is merging into the sound, floating in the waves of sound, with a sense of contentment and meditativeness.  There are two types of singing.  You know one singing is where people listen as an entertainment and then clap their hands.  Another is a participative singing.  You are not waiting for the music to end to clap.  You are clapping, swaying, participating in it, singing, merging into that song. It doesn’t matter what we sing.  The less we know the meaning of the song, better it is, because then you are able to let go.  The meaning will keep you on the logical side.  It shifts you around to the other side of the brain, that also starts becoming active.  So instrumental music you are able to relax better than the music with too many words. Sometimes some words can kindle a little emotion and elevate you a little bit, to that extent, it’s okay you can understand.  It calms down the chattering a little bit.  I can do that.  It’s all probable. Because the mind is the most magnificent in this space.  And to fathom it’s depth, to understand its mysteries, is a huge task.  I would say it’s lifetimes.


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Health is… July 17th, Guru Purnima Evening Satsang, 2002

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