July 17th, Guru Purnima Evening Satsang, 2002

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What should be the theme of the course?  The Journey to the Heaven.  Is everyone comfortable.  If you are not comfortable, make yourself comfortable.  (laughter)  It’s as if you are home, now.  In your home you have to make yourself comfortable.  Isn’t it?  In your home, can anyone else make you comfortable?  You make yourself comfortable because it is your home.  Because everybody is a part of your family.  We are one big family. 

Hum?  So what shall we do?  What topics do you want to discuss?  Do you want to discuss tonight or just sing? 

Audience:  Tell us a story….
What topics?  Opening the heart.  Gratitude.  Seva.  Resistance.  Letting go.  Responsibility. 

Do you know what seva means?  The word “service” has come from the root “seva”.  Seva means being like Him.  The nature, the gods and you doing like Him is called seva.  Any faith in God is?  Seva. God doesn’t expect anything.  When you do something, just for the joy of it, not to get anything out of it, that is seva.  God does not even want to get joy out of anything.  Because He is joy Himself.  God as a principle, the consciousness.  Nature of consciousness is joy.  So when you are happy with whatever you do, it is an expression of happiness.  So seva is doing something without expecting anything in return, not even thanks.  Hum?  So the more you do, the more happy you are.  Relax happens.  Then that is seva.  Hum?  Whether the job you do receives thanks or is a thank-less job, you just do.  That is seva.

(The rest of the audio was mostly inaudible, I couldn’t get each word.) 

Thanks to the person who transcribed Guru Purnima 2002 talks and posted them on e-satsang


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