July 19th, Guru Purnima Evening Satsang, 2002

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Question:  When you give up your intellect for the spirit, do you ever get it back?
Sri Sri :  Bright and shiny.

Question:  As I observe my progress on this path, it appears like an episode of The Lucy Show.  Have you seen the one called “Lucy learns to drive?”  First she goes to fast forward and hits the car in front of her.  Then she slams on the breaks and throws it in reverse only to hit the car behind her.  When I observe on the inside, it looks more like the movie, Flubber.  I wonder whether it will ever calm down and smooth out.  In the meantime, I have this entertainment to observe.  The day after the course ended, I cut my left index finger.  I  know a vortex of energy came up my finger and sealed the cut.  I stood watching with my jaw hanging open, it looked like a time-lapse photography, the healing occurring over several minutes.  The skin appeared shiny like it would normally when the fibers (inaudible) several days later.  My mind had a hard time dealing with this, I just felt very privileged to be a receptacle to this very big knowledge, even with all my mess ups.  You are incredible.
Sri Sri :  Never mind that, if you do all the Lucy Shows.  As long as Ricardo is in control there.  (laughter) Yeah, about the healing that happened….there are many scientific research also now.  That the consciousness has healing power.  It can heal many wounds. 

Question:  I want to share this.  I am gay.  When I was young, I went through a very, very tough period because of that.  For many years I felt very uncomfortable because of my same sex orientation.  I felt conflict between my sexuality and spirituality, until I came to you.  I still feel nervous about it sometimes.  I’ve been on a few advanced courses and I still haven’t shared this part of my life, which has been quite big, because I guess I feel afraid about what people will think.  Will they accept me?  How will I let go of this fear in me?  One other thing in a larger context, there is a lot of hate against gay people out there.  (Young and old) How to make people accept gay people and gay youth.  Again, make them do the Art of Living course, right?  Can you please say some words on this? 
Sri Sri :  You wake up and see you have a bigger identity.  Then you will change.  You will identify yourself with the spirit.  You are not just a piece of flesh and bones. You are spirit.  You are light. You are much more than your gender.  The trauma of gender is only in this middle age.  It never affects the children below 10 or maybe 12 year old.  Or it doesn’t touch people who are about 70 years.  So it is in between these years that the conflicts arise.  But that is where you really need to know the knowledge, and know you are spirit.  You are sparkling, titillating, consciousness.  When you identify yourself with that, all the conflicts dissolve, fade away.  The ancient rishi said, you are Sat Chit Ananda.  The child, the first big sentence that was given to a child is Thou Art That.  Don’t think you are just amino acid, carbohydrates, molded into two different forms, male or female.  It’s the same substance, molded into two different forms.  Know you are something beyond that.  Spirit, consciousness.  The bliss that you are, the joy that you are.  Look to that love that you are.  What do you say?

Question:  Earlier today you said we should not follow our feelings, but follow our commitment.  We should not follow our feelings, but how would I know love?  How would I find my life partner?
Sri Sri :  If you follow your feelings, today you are feeling say something, tomorrow something else, next day…you cannot follow all your feelings.  Your feelings keep changing.  You may follow one of your feelings and that’s it.  Then commitment takes over.  It’s more preferable to first examine your feelings with your wisdom, with your intellect, with the knowledge.  An amalgamation of your wisdom and your feelings, perhaps could be the right thing to act on.  Hum? 

Question:  As a parent/teacher, how does a person deal with a child or spouse who is very stubborn, behaves poorly on a regular basis?
Sri Sri :  Correcting the behavior is just dealing on the surface.  It is the stress inside that changes the behavior.  Hum?  So, just dealing on that behavior level will not be that much help, though it does something.  But you need a little polishing, refinement on that level.  You need to work on a much deeper sense, much deeper. 

Question:  Why should we come from so far and pay our money, just to listen to you talk on the television?  (laughter)  We came here with the understanding that you would actively be among us—if you need to share with us, we can always watch TV at home.  We don’t even like TV.  Is it necessary?
Sri Sri :  Yeah. (laughter)  There are many of you who are taking the advanced course for the first time and I have to say same the thing again.  So sometimes you say something new every day but you also need to listen to those things I have said.  You just heard yesterday’s knowledge, and you wanted to listen again.  Because once listening is not enough.  Sometimes you listen to the things a couple of times, then it sinks.  It goes deep inside you.  You are able to contemplate on them.  No?  Don’t you think so?

Question:  There are those in an awful lot of pain.  Suffering before our very eyes.  And it gives a lot of pain to us.  How do we deal with the situation?
Sri Sri :  Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  See in nature, you always get much more than you deserve.  If you keep it in your mind, you will suffer and it will be less.  The nature provides you more.  I deserve.  Then you will be grateful every moment of your life.  The more you are grateful, the more you get.  But if you think you deserve it and whatever you may get you feel a lack.  You feel that I have not got what I should be getting.  If this thing goes in the mind, I should be getting more because I deserve more, the lack consciousness makes the same thing grow.  That brings more suffering in life.  Pain is inevitable, suffering in optional.  Do you see what I am saying?  Hum?  That is humility.  I don’t deserve.  I am provided more than I deserve.  Or you pray to God, God give me health.  He will ask you why do you want health?  What did you do when you were healthy?  You put yourself in a soup and now you trouble, everybody else also.  Why should I give you health?  What is the answer you have?  Okay, I give you health, what is your plan, what are you going to do?  We should be prepared.  Hum?  Do you see what I am saying?  That is what is called trust.  The nature, the divinity, is going to heal me, what I need it will give me.  And whatever little bit service I do in my life, is very small.  It is nothing.  I’ve not done enough.  You know there are two types of joy.  One is the joy that you get by getting.  What do I get?  The child says, Oh, what did I get?  If I get something, I will be happy.  If I get a toy, I am happy.  But getting, you gain a certain type of joy.  This is the joy of a child.  A childish joy.  But we are stuck and this doesn’t seem to grow beyond that.  There is a mature joy, the joy that is in giving.  Hum?  The joy of a grandmother at home.  Even a mother doesn’t cook all different type of dishes.  But when people come to the grandmother’s home, she cooks many things.  Her joy is in feeding people.  Same way, the grandfather’s joy is giving gifts to the kids.  We have to shift in our life from the joy of taking, getting, to the joy of giving.  Don’t you think?

Question:  One day I suddenly understood the difference between the mind and the Self.  The purpose of this knowledge is to make the mind disappear.  But who is understanding all the knowledge about the mind.  Is this the mind, intellect or the Self.  Does the Self need the knowledge?  Although it’s under delusion, it is always the Self. 
Sri Sri :  The purpose of all questions is to get answers, right?  What is the purpose of asking a question?  To get an answer.  What does an answer do?  Have you ever thought about it?  Suppose you get the right answer, the right answer makes you nod, yes, yes.  So whatever is the answer, the right answer, what is your reaction?  Yes.  So all answers produce only one result.  Make you nod, say yes.  Doesn’t matter what the question is or the answer is also.  Every question and every answer brings you to a “yes” mind.  And that is all that matters.  A “yes” state of mind.  And that “yes” state of mind will sink deep in meditation. 

Question:  Are there any techniques to break or change karma?
Sri Sri :  All that you are doing.  Haven’t you experienced?  After the basic course, how many of you have experienced changes?  It’s an amazing, completely miraculous change, erasing the karma.  Karma means what?  The past impressions.  And they definitely get rid of it.  Good, good, good.

Today when you go to sleep feel as though you are covering yourself with a blanket of grace and with a smile on your face fall asleep…..hum?


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