July 21st, Guru Purnima Evening Satsang, 2002

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Question:  Can you tell us more about discipline?  How is the quickest way to establish discipline in our life? I need some in order to do my kriya.
Sri Sri:  You know, you just take a vow to yourself.  Okay, I want to do 40 days, from this day.  If I do 40 days continuously, I will get some good fortune, I will get some good karma.  Maybe I will get a lottery.  So that temptation that you may get something, some lottery if you continuously do for 40 days, will make you do things.  OR another thing is if I don’t do it for 40 days, maybe I will catch a flu or I will become sick.  This fear, you might become sick if you don’t do it, that will propel you to have a discipline.  Why many people do things which they don’t like to do is fear of getting sickness or you are afraid you will become sick, that’s why you keep certain disciplines.  And you are afraid you may not get what you want, that’s why you do certain things.  You know?  You just ask people who work in the stock market how they run about.  They are so exhausted, still they are looking at the board and they run here and there though they have no energy, tired, still they go stand, do things because they are afraid any time that they are a little careless, maybe anything will happen.  They will lose all their stock. Stock brokers will teach you a lot about that.  How to keep certain disciplines?  So you do certain things out of either fear or out of some temptation, some feat, some goal, something great is going to happen by that.  Just imagine if someone tells you, okay I am going to give you $50,000 if you do not miss doing kriya for a single day for the next three months, what you will do?  Tell me.   Huh?  Tell me.  Would you do it or not?  Would you miss even one day, one time?  Because if you miss even one time, you will lose $50,000.  Though you don’t like it, you do it.  Why are people working in jobs which you don’t like?  You have to go at nine in the morning, come back five in the evening.  Why do you do?  All your life.  It’s like discipline.  You are disciplined to it because you love the money that comes to you.  Huh?  The checks.  That one check makes you follow the discipline.  Going at nine, coming back at five.  I think that something eternal is also is in store for you if you have some discipline.  Something great.  Something big.  Some good luck somewhere.  These ideas can motivate you to keep some discipline.  I think it is better to be motivated through some such idea, rather than fear. 
Question:  Can you please expand on the state of inertia, the opposites of inertia, what causes the inertia?  How do we loose interest?  Is that state the same as depression? 
Sri Sri:  I am not an expert on inertia.  (laughter)  You said inertia is the opposite of interest.  What causes inertia?  Lack of interest.  (laughter) And what causes lack of interest?  Not living in the present moment.  Not being in touch with yourself.  If you are like a child, you will be in perennial state of enthusiasm.  You know children, how enthusiastic they are?  They play the same games, they don’t say, oh, I am so bored.  Unless you may have induced boredom in children.  Sometimes you don’t have to believe what children say, when they say I am so bored, they are simply repeating your sentence.  They are really not bored, but they have heard the mother or father say, “I am so bored” and children repeat, “I am so bored”.  Eight, ten year old kids say, all my life I never experienced something like this.  All your life?….not experienced in all my life?  That is just like parents, saying what the parents have said.  So if you hear children say “I am so bored mommy”, know that they are mirroring your face, they are reflecting you.  You are so bored and when you say I am so bored, they have observed that and they are re-enacting.  Either from you or someone around them has said.  Sometimes an aunt or uncle can also trigger that sort of expression in children.  Being like a child, you are the source of enthusiasm.  When you let go of the past, then every moment is new moment, fresh.  Then less and less inertia will be there.  A little bit of inertia is okay though.  Good.  It keeps a check on enthusiasm.  Enthusiastic people give more havoc in the planet.  For those who are pessimistic, they at least don’t act, they don’t do anything.  They sit in a corner.  Enthusiastic person can come and cause trouble.

Question:  My wish is for Middle East peace.
Sri Sri:  We need to focus on love, mercy, forgiveness, friendliness.  And those phrases which emphasize, there are a lot of phrases in Koran which speaks of brotherhood.  Lots of passages in Koran which speaks of brotherhood, compassion, service to mankind.  Saying “everyone is one” saying all human race is to be honored.  We have to focus on those things.  Jesus has said also, “I have come to put fire, not make peace, I want to…you know, father against the son, mother against the daughter, something, you know?  Like that, if you focus just on that phrase, you will break all the families.  See that these sayings are said out of some context and for some people, some place; perhaps to break them up, shake them up.  Prophets have there own ways to bring transformation in society.  Wake people up.  They don’t mean that you hate people all your life, like what’s happening in the Middle East.  Generation after generation living in fear and hatred.  They need to hear this knowledge loud and clear.  Don’t you think so?


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