Qts & Ans Bangalore Ashram, Jan 31 2008

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The Qts & Answer Session was magical as usual.There were many delegates attending the NGO summit the atmosphere festive.
Question:Is it possible to have love without pain?
Sri Sri :When no distortions of love are there,like anger ,jealousy etc it is possible.With wisdom you can transform these distortions into love.

Question:.When we are made of same consciousness why do peole behave differently?
Sri Sri :Each one’s thumb impression is different ,unique.Everyone is same yet different.Infact if you have never got confused read Vedanta.Everything is nothing and Nothing is everything.Physicist ,top scientists will understand it.Everything comes out of a black hole and goes into it.The proportion between the space between two galaxies is the same as the space between two atoms.Buddhism in Hart Sutra says the same so do the Sufis.
IX Chapter in Bhagwat Gita Krishna says 5 elements are in me and I am in them.But I am not in them.If you have got confused then it is good.
Guruji goes on to explain the word “Con-fusion”,He says fusion with the Cosmos.
” Pashyame Yogamaishwaryam”,this is the glory of Yoga.Also this is “Raja Vidya”- The Royal Secret. Mahatma Gandhiji has written a
commentary on this IX chapter of Bhagawat Gita,the first and second verse ,Guruji adds will someone read it and tell me… 

Question:.You are beautiful and thes surroundings are beautiful,How can I be beautiful just like you?
Sri Sri :Only beauty recognises beauty.You are very beautiful.

Thanks to Asha ( Bangalore, India) for sharing this knowledge


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