Importance of self-effort and grace

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Qts & Answers – Bangalore Ashram Jan 29 2008
Guruji was asked ” what is the importance of self-effort and grace?”
The answer was if you want to be on the path self effort is very important.Do your sadhana,Satsang and Seva.But once on the path relax.Like you run to catch a train ,but once in the train stop running and relax.
He also spoke about his air travels,He said if you do not get caught up with reading and watching movies you could see a lot of interesting stuffand learn from it.
One was when a lady with a child asked her neighbour who had an aisle seat to exchange and the neighbour flatly refused,saying she had booked many days in advance.Guruji wondered why the neighbour could not be compassionate and in a half hours’ time she exchanged the seat(?!!).
Flight delays is also something people find very difficult to handle. Once the flight was to leave at 10 am left at 2 pm but by then the ones waiting got so fed up they decided as the flight was going to take off to actually leave and ,their baggage had to be unloaded and further delay.
In another flight cold b’fast was served as the oven was not working and one person fussed so much about this saying he will not travel by that airline etc.
Also answering another question he said thoughts do not have any bariers of time and space you can send good thoughts to anywhere in the world.

Thanks to Asha ( Bangalore, India) for sharing this wonderful knowledge


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July 21st, Guru Purnima Evening Satsang, 2002 Qts & Ans Bangalore Ashram, Jan 31 2008

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