Qts & Answers Bangalore Ashram Feb 1 2008

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Guruji spoke on Oral – Dental hygiene and mental hygiene. It is important to have knowledge on dental hygiene. He also told us about mental hygiene. When one is mentally healthy spontaneous action comes up and regrets are minimized. All those who do the AOL course have one regret “Why did I not do it earlier?” So education on oral, mental and physical hygiene is necessary. It is not a luxury. It is a hygiene factor.
When you look at happiness the richest need not be the happiest. Bangladesh is the first in happiness, Germany 43rd and The Us 49th or vice versa. So there is no need to sympathize with the poor,”Oh poor people they have no food”. In people who have lots of food no happiness. In slums where 1 meal a day smile is there. Spirituality is food.
In the Upanishad son asks father, who is also the teacher, “What is Brahman /God?” Father says “Food is God?” The son studies everything about food and finds there is more to life than food .He again asks, “What is God?” The teacher answers, “Prana is God.” He then studies Prana for several years and again asked,”What is God?” This time he says,”Mind is God”, then “Knowledge is God”. Even with knowledge he was not satisfied. Knowledge was infinite but there was no juice.” The bliss is God” The boy now experiences bliss and forgets all questions .Love and bliss is God. It is present in every particle of universe. This child did not fight with father on why you lay to me first. If a person’s need is food then Prana and other things have no meaning.
We have sheaths,
1. First is the environment if there is poison in the environment we cannot exist, air is food for lungs,water,light ,warmth are all food. Food is not only what we eat. Peace and joy are food for the soul. Entertainment Industry attempts to bring joy. To what extent is debatable. Children at times become more violent after seeing movies and playing video games. How many of you agree? It makes them immune to violence, like in Delhi children shoot. The environment is Annamaya Kosha.
2. Pranamaya Kosha We can sense low/High energy .We feel like staying in places that have more energy. You know the difference between fresh food and frozen food. You would find fresh cucumber more tasty then a repeatedly heated cucumber. Breathe –If the body is not breathing it will go under soil. Body has worth because of breath.90% of waste goes out through breath.
3. Manomaya Kosha – Intuitive Mind,
4. Anandmaya Kosha – Bliss these are the five layers tour existence.

1. What role does innocence do in a society were intelligence is important?
A. Crooked person though intelligent is harmful. Innocence of a foolish person is of no value. Innocence combined with intelligence is of value. Innocence indicates our values of heart, life, friendliness.Human values. Friendliness of a crooked person is of no value .They cannot be loving. Loving is essentially innocent. We need to maintain our innocence and cultivate intelligence.
2. What is the significance of 60th year celebration?
A. In Indian Calendar the cycle is a 60 year cycle. Here there is a name for every year. This year is Sarvajith.One is called Akshay, another Dundubee (means trumpet) or Vyaya – expenditure.Most names indicate something positive, some negative too. In a 60 year cycle a person completely matures and sets into the next cycle. According to ancient scriptures human life is 125 years .Krishna lives for 124 years 5208 years ago .120 is full, 60 is celebrated like a wedding. Couple remarries. Children celebrate prayers and to remind you that you are still young. You rededicate your life to service of society. At 70 there is another celebration, 80th year you would have seen 100 moons. Making celebration about everything life needs to be uplifted again and again .Aging is good. One becomes wiser and more enthusiastic. In Sweden I did a T.V show “Aging Greacefully”.Problem there was as soon as you cross50/60 you are discarded. Old people have no value. No one cares. The person starts feeling depressed. To et those out of this teach them aging is beautiful and sacred. You have fulfilled your duties .Now you bless.50 years in India means Sanyasa which is expanding vision and teaching the young .In India ,when someone is getting married the oldest person at home will invite .The invitation will go out in their name. Their blessings come first, giving respect to age .As we age respect for elderly people should continue.

Q. How to come out of responsibility, duty and pleasure?
A. Duty and responsibility are the same only 2 different words. Responsibility and pleasure-responsibility 5 days and pleasure weekend. Combination is necessary. Only responsibility you get worn out .take time out, meditate, do something to uplift.1 week a year meditation and silence. Walk in nature, have nothing to do. Don’t do anything. Just walk in nature. You will get recharged. Some people in social servive, NGOs get burnt out. Tsunami volunteers were not tired, so other volunteers used to ask, how come we don’t get burnt out.Pranayam, Bhastrika and Kriya .The body is just a machine. Needs attention. Then it can function better for longer period. Meditation and Sudarshan Kriya are tools to achieve it.

Q.Caring and Sharing .if we give people money and they misuse what to do?
A. You have to be intuitive;” will they utilize it properly” Go by your heart. Mind always doubts. Don’t be naïve or too analytical.

Q.Guruji how do you handle millions?
A. I don’t handle them at all .When there is harmony within it spreads. Like anger it catches. That is how mob is created. Love is more powerful than anything else. Power of love is for ever. Anger is short-lived.

Thanks to Asha ( Bangalore, India) for sharing this wonderful knowledge


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