July 22, Guru Purnima Evening Satsang, 2002

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Four things needs renewal time and again:  1) Truth.  We need to renew truth again and again.  2) Technology. Technology needs renovation, renewal.  Computers, you know how many times they have changed, things are becoming smaller and more compact and more advanced.  Technology undergoes that.  3) Trade.  Needs renewal.  You need to keep renewing the trade, otherwise it will collapse, die.  Same with 4) Tradition.  Remember the four T’s?  Tradition, Technology, Trade and Truth.  All these four things needs renewal.  Hum?  Renovation again and again.  Very good.

You can’t understand everything, you know?  All, every ceremony, you cannot understand.  And no need to understand.  What you will do understanding everything?  So what.  Why not do something that you don’t understand.  It doesn’t make any meaning, doesn’t make any sense.  Why not do that?  You know?  Stretch your action beyond your knowledge.  Creativity happens only then.  What do you know, you know you are doing it, you are just a manager, you are not a crazy person.  That’s how telephone got invented.  That man, what did he do?  He just played with two strings and two cups and he was just doing something which was meaningless.  And he played with something that was meaningless.  He didn’t know what he was doing.  And then he created something new.  Something new came out of it.  Isn’t it? 

So rituals and traditions are that way.  Rituals and traditions need to be honored and not analyzed.  Analysis does not take you much farther.  It makes you remain in the field of known.  It doesn’t take you to the unknown.  Are you all listening?  (YES)  Your journey needs to be from the known to the unknown.  And how do you move to the unknown?  Doing something which you don’t know.  There are several levels in knowing, the intellectual knowing, knowing from the feeling level, knowing from your heart, somewhere deep inside you, you feel something, you know something.  Knowledge is not limited to the five senses.  That knowledge which is limited to the five senses is very small.  Many times erroneous too.  The knowledge that transcends the five senses, goes a little beyond will bring renovation, innovation, creativity.  Isn’t it?  Yeah? (YES)  Good, good, good.

Q:  What brought me here?  What events led to my discovering the Art of Living?  Was it you, did you pull me to you or am I imagining things, or is there some greater power beyond?  What is it?
A:  Keep wondering.  (Laughter)  Never mind what brought you here, whether you came out of your own karma or you just happened to be here accidentally.  How ever it happened, never mind.  Rejoice in your Self, enjoy yourself when you are here.  Hum?  Rejoice in silence, rejoice in service. 

Q:  If this so-called enlightenment is infinite and once attained lasts forever, how can it happen within the bounds of space and time?  How can one be at one time unenlightened and some time later, enlightened? 
(inaudible) Then I wonder what are these practices for?  The truest enlightenment must be beyond even all this?  Any concept of anything whatsoever must be dissolved.  How can I think of all this and still be entangled myself?  I think I am going crazy…someone who doesn’t know who he is or what anything is or is not.   Awe! 
A:  That’s good.  You ended your question with a sigh of relief.  Good you asked the question, give away the question, relax.  Hum?  There are various levels of understanding.  And various levels of (inaudible) too.  Hum?     

Q:  With each passing year, it seems as though time is going by faster and faster.  Each week, month and year is going quicker than the last.  Is the universe really accelerating the clock or is this all just relative?
A:  When time goes so fast, just know you are happy, and you are busy, everything is fine.  When time is a drag, that’s when you are bored and miserable.  So good when you find time is going so fast.  Keep pace with the time.  Hum?

Q:  I would like to have a partner.  Life is a little easier with a partner.  I should know, I have experienced three marriages.  (laughter)  It seems that most of my life I am looking for one.  When will this end?  Do you know an angel for me?  Send him this way. (laughter)
A:  One thing, at least you are in search for something.  Good!  Maybe there is someone who is searching for you.  But keep on your search.  If not now in this lifetime, next.  (laughter)  It is too late now, another time.  Hum?

Q:  My brother killed himself some years ago.  I had a dream (inaudible) Can I do anything to help his soul?
A:  Just your meditations, your satsangs.  Your peace will help him.

Q:  Would you share with us your own experience of the Divine.  What was your life like?
A:  What you think I am doing now? (laughter)  What?  All that I am speaking I am saying it’s all from what we know. 

Q:  Why do we go into meditation mode when we hear or sing bhajans?
A:  That’s good.  That’s the purpose of it.  To move from the sound to silence.  Hum?  Bhajan means that which engrosses you, dissolving in  hearing the sound, that music.

Q:  How should one deal with others who are controlling? 
A:  First of all, don’t recognize you are being controlled.  The main problem is when you think you are being controlled, even if you are not, you are controlled.  It’s your timidness, your weakness that you think that others are controlling you.  Have you heard about (inaudible)?  He was made into a slave.  He was so strong and he was walking like a lion, being a slave, he was handcuffed.  And the guards that were taking him to be sold, they looked very meek and weak.  (inaudible)  He said, this slave is here for sale, come on, who wants to come and buy me?  And you know, the people couldn’t understand, what is he?…he’s a slave and he’s not tired, he’s robust, he’s healthy, he’s enthusiastic.  Who would call him a slave?  He looks like a master there.  A master is always a master. And remember you are one.  Wake up and don’t rest in somebody’s controlling you.  The feeling somebody is controlled you, makes you?  Slave, weak. 

Q:  What does Jai Guru Dev mean?
A:  It means everything…hello, goodbye, good night, welcome, how are you?  You can attach any meaning to it.  But, Jai Guru Dev means…Jai means victory…Guru means the biggest, the greatest.  Jai means the playful divinity.  Deva means one who loves.  The word, divine, comes from the root, dev.  Dev became divine in English.  The divine greatness.  And what is divine?  Is all that which is playful.  Guru is the big mind, the biggest in form, greatest form.  Hum?  Jai Guru Dev says “Let the Big mind win”, “let the biggest thing win”.  Often when the small mind wins you get pleasure only for a short period of time and then misery follows.  That Big Mind, the Divine will comes along, it gives you long lasting peace.  We wish for the great things to happen, big things to happen.  This is one interpretation.  Could be many interpretations.

Q:  I’m confused.  I am having a hard time feeling like I belong here.  In my daily life I yearn to be with you and now that I am here, I feel so out of place, sad sometimes.  Can you help me?  What’s up with this?  It’s kind of making me mad.
A:  Good you expressed this feeling out of place.  Yeah, go a little deeper into it.  What is the problem?  What is that is bothering you?  What is it you want?  You know?  So sit with a teacher, they’ll be able to guide you.  If you are not satisfied with them, come to me, I’ll also be (inaudible)  And these feelings change.  You know you are (inaudible), a few hours later it already changes. 

Q:  What happens with our karma once we meet you?  Does staying on the path with you make us free?
A:  Take a chance.  (laughter)  You are on the waiting list.  Hummmm.

Q:  For all the sixteen years that I have known my husband, he has been an alcoholic.  There are numerous problems in our family.  I have cried, pleaded, offered compassion, anger, love.  He has tried to hide it from me.  I don’t know what else I can do, so I surrender it to you along with prayers.  He refuses to take the Art of Living Course.
A:  You know the best thing is you have to do it indirectly.  You talk to the best friend of your husband, make them do the course.  And get him through them.  Sometimes your direct telling someone very close to you doesn’t work.  You have to take an indirect approach.  Do all that and prayer.  Let it be, then you’ll see it will happen.  Prayer will always be heard.  Sometimes challenges are there for you to develop skill. 

Q:  Is the pure Self, pure Love.
A:  Yes. (laughter)
Q:  Every time I think of how much I love you, I don’t know how much I love you.  And then you smile or share some knowledge and I love you even more.  Today, when you were taking about Bhakti, I realize I had a serious case of “Bhakti” over you.  I was looking for love in all the wrong places and faces, and only getting misery in return.  There was always something, something lacking.  There is nothing more lacking or missing in you Guruji, as a matter of fact, I’m not too sure what to do with all this abundance you are giving me.  Is there such a thing as too much love?  I just feel like laughing and dancing.   Thank you Guruji, you are the most memorable present I have ever received. I treasure you!
A:  Yeah, sing and dance and don’t delay.

Q:  Last night you said, those who have eyes will see. I see you Guruji, I know how blessed I am to be born in this lifetime with you.  I am dedicating my life to your work and the knowledge you have come to share with everyone.  It’s only right that everyone should have their eyes open to see you.  Then there will be a smile in their hearts.  Thank you for taking my problems away, I feel so light and free.  Thank you for asking me to dance with you Guruji.


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  • 1. rehana  |  August 2, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    I was browsing for some guru talk to give me strength and support and came across this Q & A session. I loved it and it already gave me so much hope, strength and love. Thank you guruji Jai Guru Dev!


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