Qts & Ans with the Master – Feb 13th 2008, Coimbatore India

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Question: Guruji what are your solutions for the cultural changes of today?
 SriSri : We have to keep our old cultures. Our cultures being the best in the world have to be safeguarded. We shouldn’t leave them. People from Iraq had come last November. Now they have started organizing classes there. We are not taking care of the big thing that we have with us. We are getting requests for India’s spiritual knowledge from all over the world; Pranayam, Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga, Meditation and all. We are in need of many teachers. India has soft power. It can contribute to the whole world through knowledge. 
Question: Guruj is science a part of spirituality or spirituality a part of science? Explain briefly
SriSri: To know “what is this?” is science and to know “who am I ?” is spirituality. Thinking “this and me are the same” is “Brahmagnyanam” You can understand right? To find what this is Science, what flower, what kind of material, what are the atomic and subatomic particles…. In India we never separated science and spirituality. We always created a link to go from one to the other. If you see Bhagwat Gita, there is a lot about the 5 elements , concepts and science. It always goes from science to knowledge and knowledge of self. 
Question: To successfully carry out a task is human effort more important or
faith in god more important?

SriSri: Both of them are important. When you watch a television program which do you think is more important your eyes or the ears? When you want to have sunlight inside the house you should open the windows and move the screens to the side then only you will be able to get the sunlight. When you do this in the night you cannot expect sunlight to come. Effort is to keep open the windows and when the sun comes out then only you can get the grace of sunlight.  

Question: Now a days, why is it that in our families affection is diminishing and selfishness is increasing more and more?
SriSri: Because people have very little involvement in spirituality. People forget themselves and are running after earning more and more money. Parents too send their children abroad and remain orphans in the society. When the joint family system consisting of grand parents were there love and affection was also there. There were good thoughts for helping each other. But now a days all these affection and love remains only with money. People accumulate wealth and die and their kith and kin fight for that money. 60 to 65% of the court cases are all due to this wealth. We should teach our children Human values. Make your children your wealth teach them love, human values, compassion and good virtues then no other wealth is required. This is the birth place of
Nayanmars and how fortunate it is. Yet we do not teach our children Thirukural
and Thiruvasakam. In schools Devotion and spirituality should be compulsorily
taught to eliminate violence from this country.
 Question: When does education become meaningful?
SriSri: When an outstanding person is created and when there is enough of strength in him Education becomes meaningful. Our lives should be like the coconut. Our involvement should be like the husk of the coconut. Our body should be like the coconut shell and our mind should be like the white kernel and our heart should be like the sweet coconut water. Our culture and tradition are bound by scientific reasoning. 
Question : What is life?
SriSri :That which is now and that which was yesterday.
Question: How to know and feel one’s own Guru?
 SriSri: Once you realize yourself , you will automatically know your Guru. 
Question: Guruji can you please explain me whether astrology is true?
 SriSri: Astrology has is a fact no doubt about it. But I don’t know or can’t say about any astrologer, which astrologer you may be thinking about. Astrology as a science has some knowledge definitely has an influence. Moon has an impact on body and mind. Our body has 60% water element and water is impacted by moon. It is obvious and of course Mars, Jupiter, they all have an impact on body mind complex. But you don’t need to worry about them. If someone says you have a bad period don’t worry, just chant “Om Namah Shivaya” and all bad things will go away.

Many Thanks to Mani Gopalakrishnan for sharing this with us


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