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The word “ratri” means night and this word in Sanskrit has such a functional meaning. Ratri or night is that which gives comfort to the mind, body and soul and Shivratri is that which brings such a deep sense of serenity and benevolence. Any meditation you do on this day has manifold effect, more effect, 100 times more effect. It’s all astrologically linked; when the Sun and Moon are in a particular position. It helps to elevate the mind. Ancient people said theses days are congenial for spiritual practices. On this day people usually meditate and their desires get fulfilled. Desires either get dropped through Knowledge or they get fulfilled. That is the day when spirit touches the earth. In some school of thought it is said that spirit is 10 inches above matter but on Shivratri day it touches the earth. So giving comfort, that is Shivratri.

Peace is your nature, yet you remain restless.
Freedom is your nature, yet you remain in bondage.
Happiness is your nature, yet you become miserable for some reason or another.
Contentment is your nature, yet you continue to reel in desires.
Benevolence is your nature, yet you don’t reach out.
Going towards your nature is sadhana.
Sadhana is becoming what you truly Are!

Your true nature is Shiva. And Shiva is peace, infinity, beauty, and the non-dual One. Ratri means “to take refuge”. Shivaratri is taking refuge.


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