Doubts and Troubles

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Q: How do we remove doubts?

Sri Sri: The nature of the mind is that we always doubt the good, the positive. We never doubt the negative. If someone tells you, “Oh that person is bad.” You immediately believe it. But if someone tells you, “that person is very good, you start thinking, ‘is it true, really etc.’ Do you see what I am saying? If someone praises you, you don’t try to believe that. You ask that person, “really”? Now the question is how to handle doubt. Doubt how much you want. Go ahead. ………And stop when you are tired.

Q: What should we do if a trouble troubles us even after surrendering it to the Divine?

Sri Sri: You must repeatedly keep surrendering. Someone asked me Guruji, why should we do Sadhna everyday? That’s why we say in that song ‘Bar Bar Bali jayo.. means again and again. Tell me if you exercise of one day will you get ant result? No. you have to do everyday to get some result. Until and unless it becomes your true nature. And I tell you if you keep surrendering a problem whenever it troubles you, it becomes your nature.


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