July 23rd, Guru Purnima Evening Satsang, 2002

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Guru Purnima Celebration

Guru Purnima means honoring the source of wisdom, of knowledge.  In gratitude, today is the day you remember ALL those masters and teachers who have made an impact on our lives.  Puja means honoring all masters who brought the knowledge.  Wake up and see there is nothing but Guru in life.  Guru teaches what to do or not to do. Guru permeates your life and the world.  Begins with mother.  See how many teachers have taught you.  Guru has never left you and has been there all your life.  Sad Guru teaches how you should be.  Goal of knowledge:  Sanskrit, The Lord of this universe is my Lord.  My Self is in each person. This is the culmination of learning.  How long to be with Guru?  Realize Lord of universe is your personal Lord.  Self is in every living being.  No difference between you and any other creature.  This realization is that you are That.  The Self, Guru Principle is present in every path.  Recognizing that is Guru Purnima.  Though wax and wick is in the candle, unless match is put to it, there is no Light.  Similarly you need the touch of wisdom of the Guru.  Guru brings in light and removes the darkness.  See how far we have moved in one year.  How much wisdom and knowledge we have digested and put into practice.  If there is any lack, dive deep into the knowledge!  You are in water, knee deep or waist high.  Take a dip.  You only have to bend down, dive.  Guru Purnima reminds us you have to dive deep. All is right here and now.  Today is also dedicated to Vyasa Purnima.  5,000 years ago Vyasa walked this planet.  He structured knowledge into various parts:  He gave Vedanta for intellectuals, Puranas for kids and Bhagavatum for common people.  With depth and simplicity, he organized the knowledge.

Guruji:  Now what to do?
Audience:  Tell funny stories.
Guruji:  Tell funny stories?  Here you don’t need a joke to laugh, you just laugh.  There is a saying in Hindi, “If your mind is pleasant, then everything is pleasant.”  “If you are upset, even the moonlight will be harsh.  Pleasant weather will be torturous.”

Tonight, all will get a crown, “The head that bows, gets a crown.”  That heart that meets the king in his/her heart, becomes the King!  Meets the divinity.  That’s the value of love.  You are attracted to somebody.  If the one that you are attracted to is difficult to get, that spins into love.  Love grows in respect.  Respect turns into love. Culmination of attraction is surrender.

You can make one wish for this special occasion!  Make it a specific desire.  One desire, not two.  The full moon is good for this—at a time when there is fullness in you.  I’ll tell a story.

(Typed from the webcast, verbatim)
There was a blind man and he had a desire to get married.  But he was so poor, and no one would marry him.  First of all he was blind and poor.  So he prayed to, he went and asked blessing from a saint.  And the saint said, only one wish will be granted.  You ask any one wish.  Either you can become rich, or you can get married.  You can’t have it all!  Then he thought, okay I’ll become rich and if I don’t get married…if I get married and I’m not rich what is the guarantee I will stay with…so he was in a dilemma.  What you would have done?  Huh?  Ask for a rich wife?  (laughter)  No.  He was a little more intelligent than what you said.  He said, I have a great desire to see my son in a golden cradle.  I have only one desire:  I want to see my son in a golden cradle.  So he wanted to see his son and he got his wish, all in one wish.  So, you have to be that intelligent to make a wish.  So when you pray to God and you pray to the Divine, when you put a sunkulpa.  Sunkulpa is  intention, wish.  How wishes can be fulfilled is when you are in the state of calmness, total serenity, contentment.  There is a saying of Jesus:  Those who have will be given more, those who do not have, whichever little they have it will be taken away.  You have heard that, no?  So, with a sense of fullness, I have plenty, I have, and you will be given more.  Without feverishness, don’t hold on to the wish, and offer the wish also.  I think I want to be rich.  You should be specific, how rich?  You can be richer by $2.  (laughter)  You have $2 more, then you are rich.  Cause the consciousness is a computer.  You have to punch in correct amount.  Definite affect for definite sunkulpa.  Fulfillment.  Elevated consciousness is the storehouse of abundance.  Storehouse of all wealth.  Elevated consciousness brings more abundance in life. Hum?  Do satsang, do seva, meditation.  And once in a year put on a desire.  A wise one desires once in many, many years.  A fool has many desires in one day.  (laughter)  That’s why it doesn’t work.  Like that if you have strong desires on this day, you can put forth those desires.  Just wish for it, that’s all.  Not necessary you must.  Better that you don’t ask.  If you don’t have any, that’s great.  You will get what you need.  But in case you have one, then today is the day.  Go for it!  (laughter)  Next year, you come and tell me what happened.  Fulfilled or still half way.  Usually it’s completed.  


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