Talk in Coimbatore Satsang – Feb 13th 2008

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Our world is an energy field connected with thoughts. The thought which arises in us doesn’t get wasted; it goes round and round the world and comes back to us. In a small cell phone we press 4 to10 buttons and talk to people all over the world. Don’t we? Such a small instrument and just pressing those buttons it enables us to talk to people in America, England, Australia and everywhere else.

I feel the trust that we have, over the cell phone; we do not have on our own mind. We trust the cell phones, and it is foolish not to trust the brain which created it! This brain has enormous energy in it. That which brings out this energy is spirituality. If there is no spirituality, there is no happiness in life; no love, no peace. So we need to have a deep involvement in spirituality.

We think spirituality is going to temple, worship and come back. But it is not that. We break the coconut and that’s the end of our spirituality. Spirituality really is a deep feeling that is inside us. Our body is the wick and our heart is the light, which continues burning throughout. The wick has to be induced/kindled with ghee so as to make the light burn brighter and longer. This is what is called “sadhana”.
Many Thanks to Mani Gopalakrishnan for sharing this with us.


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