Qts and Ans – Bali 2007 Part I

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Someone had gifted Guruji a neat gadget – it was a small electric fan with lights. Sitting out in the darkness of night, the effect was wonderful – the lights changing from red to blue to green. Guruji was clearly having fun playing with it.

Question : I used to have a Guru for four years but now for me you are my Guru. But I feel conflicted about leaving my old Guru.
Sri Sri: (Smiles) Just relax. You know, whichever window you look from – it’s still the same sky. Guru is just a window. It’s still the same sky. So relax. Okay?

Question : How many lifetimes will it take me to reach your state? And then what?
Sri Sri: Guruji looked down at the stationary fan and clicked the switch to get it going again. “Then you can play with the fan!”

Question : About the importance of love v/s knowledge
Sri Sri: Knowledge is the preservative of love. Without knowledge love can change to hatred.

Question : My husband doesn’t listen to me. I keep telling him but he doesn’t get it.
Sri Sri: Okay, then you can do this. For three months, let him make all the decisions and then for three months you make all the decisions. When he makes a decision and it turns out to be the wrong one – then he will learn. Failure will teach him where success won’t. And the same applies to you! There’s a story – a husband was having problems as his wife was very stubborn. Whatever the husband said – the wife would do the opposite. The husband was very frustrated and he went to a saint. So the saint gave him some advice. Then a few months later the husband returned and he was smiling – he told the saint – “Your advice worked – whenever I wanted my wife to do something – I would tell her to do the opposite and then she did what I wanted. I would say – “I don’t think we  should go out” and she would say – “no, no, we must go out.” So we would go out, which is what I wanted!
It doesn’t matter, husband or wife – the same principle can work!

Question : You are sacred, Guruji. You have seen everything. Can you tell us what are other worlds like? What is heaven like? What is hell?
Sri Sri : This world is good enough! And don’t think I am sacred and you are not – no, no, what I am – you are!

Question : Do you take care of us? When we are in trouble are you there to take responsibility for us?
Sri Sri : What am I here for then? (applause) But they say you should help yourself. You give your 100% and I then I am there.

Thanks to Sushil for sharing this with us.


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Sri Sri Ravishankar – in converstaion with students, teachers and parents Qts and Ans – Bali 2007 Part II

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