Qts and Ans – Bali 2007 Part II

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Question : I get very guilty over my mistakes.
Sri Sri : Who knows what has happened in the past lifetimes. The wise man sees the past as desinty and the future as free will. The fool sees it the other way around – you decide what you want to be! Mistakes only happen when there is lack of awareness. Work on increasing your awareness.

Question :: How to know when the Big Mind is in action and when the small mind is in action?
Sri Sri: When things are working well – the Big Mind is in action, when the small mind is in action there is mess – but the line is very delicate between the two.

Question : How do I organize my priorities?
Sri Sri: Priorities change depending on the situation. If someone is sick, then some travel may have to be canceled. When a baby is sick – the parents have to stay home – so in that way the priorities keep changing. But the highest priority is to bring people to knowledge. That is the highest priority.

Keep some time in the calender for silence. Once a year, twice a year, take time off like this to be in silence, in meditation. The mind has so many impressions – it needs to be cleaned. You watch TV, you watch movies – if you are of the type who watches at least three movies in a month – then take time
off three times in the year – to get some rest, to clean the impressions.

(Guruji asked how many people wanted to sing or talk – then he asked to check which of our nostrils were active – “If your right nostril is active then you can understand me very well right now.” He continued – “You can tell so much from the breath – if the left nostril is active – it means you are thirsty – if Right nostril is active then digestion is happening – if both are active – then
you are ready for meditation)

Question : What is the difference between ego and self-confidence?
Sri Sri: Ego can also be used as a motivator. Specially in young people it can be used to invoke valor. When a young person is not ready to do something – then when you say – “be a lion, not a pussycat!” – it can have an effect. There is a fine line between ego and self-confidence. Ego requires the other.
Self-confidence is just knowing that I am vast, infinite.

Question : Is self-realization sudden or gradual?
Sri Sri : It can be very gradual – even you don’t know but you find yourself smiling more. This gentleman from America was telling me – Guruji, I don’t get bothered anmore – even bad situations – the worst situations, he is smiling. It’s quite funny.
It can also happen suddenly – you wake up one day and you know you are too big for the mind-body complex. You are infinity. Both are possible.

Question : Is prayer required if Divine takes care of everything?
Sri Sri: You can do this experiment. Put your head in water and hold it there – when there is no breath then prayer just happens, isn’t it? Prayers happens when you are helpless and when you are grateful. Don’t think too much about it – it’s okay to pray. If you have faith that everything will be okay – that’s fine too.

Question : How do we bring people of different religions to this knowledge?
Sri Sri :  See, the essence of every religion is peace, is tranquility. In Islam – it’s noor, rouniyat, in Christianity – it’s inner light, in Judaism, in Hinduism advaita – it’s the same – the essence is same. The basis of all religions is silence. Buddha never spoke about God. But here words are less important. If you are centered, calm, you exuberate knowledge. It will catch on. So people may say some things on the surface but deep inside their soul is longing for this. Meditation is food for the soul.


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