Yeh Saans Hi Hanuman Hai, This breath is Hanuman !

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Transcript of talk by Swami Sukhchaitanya –
Is Saans ke bina such mein jeevan sambhav nahi aur ye saans hi Hanuman hai..
For thousands of years we have been reading Ramayana and for thousands of years one of the most important characters we have been intrigued about, but we have loved also, is Hanuman, the monkey God, Pavanaputra Hanuman.
What does Hanuman signify? The son of wind god. One very important aspect of Hanuman was his immense devotion towards Sri Ram and Seeta. So much so that one day in the court, standing in front of thousands of people,when somebody asked him how much he loves Ram, Hanuman tore open his chest and the whole court was shocked to see that there was a beautiful picture of Ram and Seeta sitting there together. So what is this story? And what does it signify?

Who is Rama? Who is Seeta? Who is Lakshmana? And what is the relevance of Ram, Seeta, Lakshmana, Hanuman, even the entire Ramayana, in today’s modern life? One very interesting aspect to understand is that ‘Raa’ means radiance and ‘Ma’ means within me. The radiance within each human being is Ram. And Seeta is the mind. And Lakshmana is the enthusiasm, the intellect. And what is Hanuman? He is the Breath. He is the most important aspect in every individual’s life. The consciousness – the mind, the enthusiasm – the intellect. The mind-body complex cannot run, cannot sustain, cannot exist even for a moment without that precious thing called breath, Hanuman.

The devotion of Hanuman is nothing but devotion of the breath. Hanuman is the breath. One important aspect of Hanuman or the breath, is that Hanuman is called as Sankatmochana, somebody who takes away all the problems in life. Somebody who helps you go beyond the problems in life. And all these beautiful Yogic breaths –  if one has experienced Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, one can really experience when one does this breathing. One becomes so calm, so peaceful, so equanimous, then one can really become joyous and happy. That breath, that Hanuman is bringing us life, is bringing us equanimity, is sustaining the entire existence. That is Hanuman, that is the devotion. The devotion makes us experience life, brings out the love in us, so does the breath. Without the breath, life is not possible. Without the devotion of Hanuman, life is not possible. That is Hanuman.

Is Saans ke bina such mein jeevan sambhav nahi aur ye saans hi Hanuman hai..!

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