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Inertia and Depression – July 2002 Guru Purnima, Advance Course, Montreal Ashram

Guru Purnima 2002 Video

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Video – Keys to Happiness By Gurudev – April 2003 Montreal Ashram

Knowledge Points With Gurudev
April 2003 Montreal Ashram

Gurudev goes over knowledge points – keys to our happiness and pleasant state of mind in Montreal Ashram. Simple, yet profound.

March 27, 2008 at 8:27 am 3 comments

Vishalakshi Mantap Opening Ceremony Video

Video of Vishalakshi Mantap Opening Ceremony

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Vishalakshi Mantap Opening – Maha Kriya

Watch this wonderful video where nearly 70 thousand people are doing Pranayama together. This happened at the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore.

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Mar 22 2004, Video of Delhi Satsang with Gurudev

Delhi, Mar 2004 Satsang

Wonderful video of a public satsang in Delhi, India 2004. Gurudev is honored by the Sikh Leaders with a Kirpan (It is a sword. However, the Sikhs call it the Kirpan. Kirpan comes from the word ‘KIRPA’ and ‘AAN’. Kirpa means an act of kindness, a favour; and ‘aan’ means honour, respect, self-respect. It is an instrument which adds to self-respect and self-defence.)

March 18, 2008 at 11:42 pm 4 comments

Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho – July 2002 Guru Purnima, Advance Course, Montreal Ashram

Gurudev sings “Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho” – Montreal Ashram, 2002

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What is Seva ? Video of Talk – July 2002 Guru Purnima, Advance Course, Montreal Ashram

Gurudev speaks on what is Seva. – Montreal Ashram 2002

March 17, 2008 at 7:56 am 1 comment

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