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You gave me life – Poem by Rajita Kulkarni

Every time you looked at me
Every time you blessed me
Every moment I thought of you
You gave me life

Everytime you believed in me
Everytime you trusted me
With every loving gesture of yours
You gave me life

You nurtured my being
You freed my soul
You gave purpose to my birth
You gave me life

The instances have been many
When I faltered & you lifted me
Your attention made me special
You gave me life

You know me more than i do myself
You make the world notice me
Without you, I am nothing,coz
You gave me life

Then the actual moment
When you stood between death and me
With all your compassion and love
You gave me a new life

I don’t know why
I don’t know how
For a bigger meaning & a higher goal ?
You have given me a grand new life

Rajita Kulkarni


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Rajshree Patel Shares her Experience with Gurudev

This experience is shared by Rajshree Patel  (  Senior Faculty -Art of Living Foundation)


Have you ever witnessed or experienced a religious festival in India?

Such festivals are, to say the least, frenzied events. I somehow procured an invitation to attend the Navaratri (literally means `nine nights’) celebrations, which honours the nine aspects of the Mother Divine, at the Bangalore ashram. There it was, and continues to be, a celebrations, which honours the nine aspects of the Mother Divine, at the Bangalore Ashram. There it was, and continues to be, a celebration of silence amidst chaos. The atmosphere was simply electrifying. In spite of huge crowds, there was this incredible energy and serenity that I had never felt before.

After the festivities, we were sitting in a group with Bhanudidi, when she remarked: `This is the first Navaratri without Amma.’ I suddenly realized it had been a year since she had passed away. Bhanudidi continued talking about Amma’s last days: `I found her behaviour odd. It was strange that a strong-willed woman like her, who had always been in charge of everything, seemed to be turning over all responsibility. Maybe she was preparing me to take care of the house,children and family. However, she performed all the yagnas fully.’ The day after Navaratri, she was hospitalized.

Rajshree continues:

When Amma (Guruji’s mom) breathed her last in 2000, Sri Sri was at Varanasi. There were about 8000 people whom he had to address the very day he lost the person dearest to him. I was with him that day and saw the depth of his silence, serenity and patience in attending to everybody in those difficult moments. Yet the smile did not fade. To the devotees who were with Guruji at the time, and knew of his attachment to Amma, it was
a lesson in equanimity.

Rajshree Patel recalls: `I always knew he loved his mother very dearly, but I did not realize the depth of his love until after she had passed away. At the International Millennium Course in Italy, a month or so after the death of his mother, I discovered yet another dimension to Sri Sri. One the one hand everyone is the same to him, his love is impersonal and yet, I was learning, it was deeply personal. We were sitting in an assembly of 1500 to 2000 people. Someone in the front row was holding a magazine with Amma’s photo it it. Sri Sri, with a certain depth in his voice, was speaking of the importance of gratitude in life.

After a brief pause Sri Sri  said:
“There was a woman in my life who loved me more than herself.: Everyone sat up. He gestured to the magazine and added: “She was my mother.” A tear of deep love and gratitude for her rolled down his face, and I suddenly felt a total connectedness to him and started crying uncontrollably. And for the first time in all the years that I knew him, I saw the deepest personal love possible, free of attachment and demands, yet full of gratitude.’

Thanks to Kekuji for sharing this

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Yes We Can – CLP ( Community Leadership Program)

Did you know about the Yes We Can – Community Leadership Program currently underway at Art of Living Center in Germany ?

Visit here to follow what 122 Participants from all over Europe are up to. Learn more on their vision to create of a world free of wars in our time.

We can all support this wonderful initiative.. Yes We can ! Yes We Will !!!

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Yeh Saans Hi Hanuman Hai, This breath is Hanuman !

Transcript of talk by Swami Sukhchaitanya –
Is Saans ke bina such mein jeevan sambhav nahi aur ye saans hi Hanuman hai..
For thousands of years we have been reading Ramayana and for thousands of years one of the most important characters we have been intrigued about, but we have loved also, is Hanuman, the monkey God, Pavanaputra Hanuman.
What does Hanuman signify? The son of wind god. One very important aspect of Hanuman was his immense devotion towards Sri Ram and Seeta. So much so that one day in the court, standing in front of thousands of people,when somebody asked him how much he loves Ram, Hanuman tore open his chest and the whole court was shocked to see that there was a beautiful picture of Ram and Seeta sitting there together. So what is this story? And what does it signify?

Who is Rama? Who is Seeta? Who is Lakshmana? And what is the relevance of Ram, Seeta, Lakshmana, Hanuman, even the entire Ramayana, in today’s modern life? One very interesting aspect to understand is that ‘Raa’ means radiance and ‘Ma’ means within me. The radiance within each human being is Ram. And Seeta is the mind. And Lakshmana is the enthusiasm, the intellect. And what is Hanuman? He is the Breath. He is the most important aspect in every individual’s life. The consciousness – the mind, the enthusiasm – the intellect. The mind-body complex cannot run, cannot sustain, cannot exist even for a moment without that precious thing called breath, Hanuman.

The devotion of Hanuman is nothing but devotion of the breath. Hanuman is the breath. One important aspect of Hanuman or the breath, is that Hanuman is called as Sankatmochana, somebody who takes away all the problems in life. Somebody who helps you go beyond the problems in life. And all these beautiful Yogic breaths –  if one has experienced Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, one can really experience when one does this breathing. One becomes so calm, so peaceful, so equanimous, then one can really become joyous and happy. That breath, that Hanuman is bringing us life, is bringing us equanimity, is sustaining the entire existence. That is Hanuman, that is the devotion. The devotion makes us experience life, brings out the love in us, so does the breath. Without the breath, life is not possible. Without the devotion of Hanuman, life is not possible. That is Hanuman.

Is Saans ke bina such mein jeevan sambhav nahi aur ye saans hi Hanuman hai..!

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Dear Ones, 

The Official Blog for Gurudev is now live. Requesting all readers of guruvaani to join this.

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Buddha’s Farm

Once a farmer asked the Buddha, “Why don’t you do something? I cultivate land while you simply sit under the tree with eyes closed, doing nothing. I have been watching you, people come to you, you talk to them and sometimes they silently sit by your side. Why don’t you do something?” 

 The poor farmer was naturally curious since he had been watching the Buddha under a tree, doing no work at all. 

 The Buddha replied, “Can’t you see I’m also a farmer? My farm is of a different quality and on a different plane. I grow the crop of bliss. I sow the seeds of bliss. The people who come around and sit silently, or to whom sometimes I talk—they are my work. I am sowing seeds in people’s consciousness of bliss. In the right season they will bloom. I’ve bloomed and cultivated my inner soil. Now my soul is full of flowers!”

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Projects for TTC Aspirants – Talk by Rishi Nitya Pragya ji

This talk was given by Rishi Nitya Pragya ji on July 6th 2008 at Houston, TX USA. Rishi ji address all those who wanted to become teachers. This is the Third and final part of this talk.

Jai Guru Dev !

July 12, 2008 at 12:29 pm 2 comments

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