2009 Culture in Balance Award – Awarded to H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

2009 Culture in Balance Award – Awarded to H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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Yogathon July 5th 2009 Chicago

Register and Participate – Yogathon July 5th 2009 Chicago
Yogathon July 5 2009

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Sri Sri in Switzerland

Sri Sri in Switzerland, May 2009

Sri Sri in Switzerland, May 2009

Thanks to Shalin for sharing the wonderful picture

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May 13 – Happy Birthday


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Guruji’s Message to youth

“Have a dream and keep going. I am with you.”

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You gave me life – Poem by Rajita Kulkarni

Every time you looked at me
Every time you blessed me
Every moment I thought of you
You gave me life

Everytime you believed in me
Everytime you trusted me
With every loving gesture of yours
You gave me life

You nurtured my being
You freed my soul
You gave purpose to my birth
You gave me life

The instances have been many
When I faltered & you lifted me
Your attention made me special
You gave me life

You know me more than i do myself
You make the world notice me
Without you, I am nothing,coz
You gave me life

Then the actual moment
When you stood between death and me
With all your compassion and love
You gave me a new life

I don’t know why
I don’t know how
For a bigger meaning & a higher goal ?
You have given me a grand new life

Rajita Kulkarni

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Part II Course Meditation …

The Part II course meditations end with a variety of chants…I stumbled across one of them. The magical one, of course remains to be Asangoham. Enjoy


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