One Conversation that changed my life


2007 Spring tour of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ( Gurudev as I call Him) had 5 cities which Gurudev would visit for the first time — Kansas City being one among them.

Kansas City is in both states — Kansas and Missouri. I lived on the Kansas side and worked on the Missouri side. We had to choose a venue that was central and easy to access for both states. We zeroed down on Marriott Grand Ballroom as the venue of the event in Kansas City downtown for “Evening of Wisdom and Meditation with H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”

Volunteers most of them like me who had a day job worked tirelessly for the event. It will be for another post to write about the learnings from organising the event. We got to learn and do every thing from finding the venue, printing tickets, flyers, meeting groups, outreach , newspaper ads, TV interviews, flyering and the anxiety if we would break even the costs.

April 2nd was the day of the event and few of us reached the airport to welcome Gurudev. We had the enthusiastic company of few devotees who flew in from Argentina and Peru to KC for the event.

We got ready to head downtown to Marriott from the airport. I got to ride with Gurudev in the car where ensued that one conversation that moved me for a lifetime.

I presented Gurudev with a folder that had the program schedule for the day, news paper articles on the programs held as a prelude to the event, proclamation from the Mayor of Kansas City. As Gurudev reads through the folder — I started giving an overview of the day schedule and started giving an overview on dignitaries who are coming for the first meeting with Gurudev. In that conversation — I dwelled on net worth of 2 folks who were coming for the meeting and how they could possibly sponsor our program with school children.

Gurudev turns behind almost pausing me, says “ Hum yahan lene nahin, dene aaye hain” — “ I have come here to give, not to take

I was completely moved by the response and in that very moment all the feverishness and anxiety of the event vanished away.

I personally believe “One Conversation can change a life and last a lifetime”. This one conversation ( amongst the many) stays with me even today as a guiding framework in professional, personal and social life.

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Simple and Complicated

Being is simple.   “Being Somebody” is complicated.

Doing is simple. Trying is complicated.

Acceptance is simple. Expectation is complicated.

“It is” is simple. “Why it is ” is complicated.

Now is simple. “Then and When” is complicated.

Silence is simple. Speech is complicated.

Expression is simple. Action is complicated.

“One” is simple. “Two” is complicated.

“And” is simple. “Or” is complicated

“Yes” is simple. “No” is complicated.

Life is simple. “I” makes it complicated.



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We all have been touched by “Generosity” all through our lives in small and big ways. Sharing one such experience which has touched me deeply and remember it vividly as it happened yesterday

Opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company and the largest Tax Preparing corporation got me to the US. My company gave me 15 days hotel stay and one pay period salary as advance to allow me time to find a place and settle down.  My work place was near 49th St and I found a place near 47th St. The rent was on the higher side but it allowed me to walk to work daily.

Walmart was the one stop to get all things required to set up the apartment. You would get no marks for guessing – all items was related to the kitchen. I got 2 comforters – one to sleep on and one as a cover. It was month of April and winter was far off and i had decide to stall any big purchases in the first month.

Tax season got over and it was little slow at work. A colleague at work wanted to see the place I lived and post lunch we took a small break to see the apartment. I show him the place around and he asks me – “Where do I sleep ?”   I tell him in the bedroom.  Prompt comes his response -” There is NO bed there ?”.  Before I could tell him – I sleep on the comforter, He said -” We gotta fix this?”

What ensued was an experience of “Generosity” which I will never ever forget. He takes me to his home, get a futon from his basement, mattress and even hardware required to set it up. On way back to home, we stop at Walmart – he gets a new bed cover. We reach home and he set ups the futon and shows me how it becomes a bed.

Even today, This memory brings a smile on my face – I did not need a bed and was very comfortable without it. But for an acquaintance  to offer help without wasting time and not expecting anything in return – is a generous gesture to remember for a  lifetime.

Ever grateful for this thoughtful gesture. Over years, this memory has inspired me to “PASS IT ON

P.S I kept that futon was with me till we decided to Relocate back to India.

Please do share your experiences of generosity and how it has influenced your life



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