Value Money – Honor and Respect It

“Value Money – Honor and Respect It” –  This title of the blogpost is one of my “Life Lessons”

Opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company and the largest Tax Preparing corporation got me to the US.  I used to live on the 47th street and my work place was on 49th street. I did not afford to buy a car immediately and absence of a credit history did not allow me to get a loan either.  That summer Amma ( how I address my mom) was scheduled to visit and stay with me.  I decided that I need to buy a car before she comes.  Thus began my hunt to buy a car and thus began the journey which would then eventually give me my biggest life lesson

My hunt to buy a car began old style from classifieds in newspapers. Several friends helped ferry me to check out these cars and I finally landed on a 1998 Toyota Corolla. The owner quoted $5000 as a price.

What ensued next was a life long lesson !   I had $5100 in my Bank account.  I used to get salary every 15 days. For the first time in my life – I reached out a friend Mr.X to see if he could lend me $2000 for a month which I promised to return in 2 instalments of $1000 each.   The person after a lot of conversation and follow ups politely declined ( which in hindsight was the best thing he did)

Now faced with a dilemma of not losing out on the car – I made a decision the buy the car paying cash down. Mr.X and a friend agreed to come with me to buy the car. Mr.X drove the car back to my apartment garage.

With only $100 in my bank account, The life experience over the new few weeks was life long lesson –

  • Eating rice, dal and pickle daily for lunch and dinner.
  • Praying to God that I should not fall sick in the next 2 weeks as there was not enough money to see a doctor.
  • Joy in the heart when salary gets credited to my bank account – finally I could afford to buy car insurance, fill gas in the car and take it out for a drive!!!

Life Lesson Learned – #1 The experience of those 2 weeks taught me a “Life Lesson” – Value every $ earned and saved – Honor and Respect It.  These humble beginnings has held me in good stead as life in all its abundance showered its blessings over the years!


P.S –  Credits to Alok Kejriwal for the nudge to start writing as part of 18 Tips for 2018!



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Purpose ~~ The Last Post

Dear Readers,

Several years back on a cold winter day, Gururaja and I were perusing the treasure we have our hard drive saved over years – Gurudev’s talks, knowledge posts from esatsang, pictures and much more.

This blog was started with that intention to share all what we had so that all could benefit from that. The purpose found its fulfillment with the set up of
Art of Living Blog ~~ Wisdom from Sri Sri
Art of Living Channel on Youtube

This would be the last post on this blog. Thank You for all the support over the years. We pray more and more continue to get inspired by the Wisdom of our Beloved Pujya Gurudev – H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Be light & a light in this world

Untill Then, Breathe and Smile. Jai Guru Dev

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Diwali – Talk by H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Peace For All of Us

May This Diwali - The Festival of Lights, Bring more Peace,Light and Joy in our inner world and outer world

Diwali: Celebrating the light of wisdom

Diwali, the festival of lights as it is known the world over, celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Lights are lit on this day not just to decorate homes, but also to communicate a profound truth about life. Light dispels darkness and when the darkness within you is dispelled through the light of wisdom, the good wins over the evil in you.

Though there are many legends about the festival, Diwali is essentially celebrated to lit the light of wisdom in every heart, the light of life in every home and bring a smile on every face. Diwali is the shortened form of Deepavali, which literally means rows of lights. Life has many facets and stages to it. It is important that you throw light on
all of them, for if one aspect of your life is in darkness, there can be no complete expression of life. That’s why rows of lights are lit on Diwali to remind you that every aspect of life needs your attention and the light of knowledge.

Every lamp that you light is symbolic of a good quality. There are good qualities in every human being. Some have forbearance, love, strength, generosity; others have the ability to unite people. The latent values in you are like a lamp. When they are lit, awakened, that is Diwali. Don’t be satisfied with lighting one lamp; light a thousand. If you have the value of service in you, don’t be satisfied only with that. Lit the lamp of wisdom in you, acquire knowledge. Awaken all the facets of your being.

Another profound symbolism is wrapped in the firecrackers that go off during Diwali. In life, you often become like a firecracker, waiting to explode with your pent-up emotions, frustration and anger. When you continue to suppress your emotions such as cravings, aversions and hatred, they are bound to reach a bursting point. Bursting crackers is like a psychological exercise created by ancient people to release bottled-up emotions. When you see an explosion outside, you feel similar sensations within you as well. Along with the explosion, there is so much light. So when you let go of the suppressed emotions, you become hollow and empty and the light of knowledge dawns.

Wisdom is needed everywhere. Even if one member of the family is shrouded in darkness, you cannot be happy. So, you need to lit the light of wisdom in every member of your family. Extend it to every member of society, every person on the planet. When true wisdom dawns, it gives rise to celebration. Often in celebrations, you tend
to lose focus or awareness. To maintain awareness in the midst of celebrations, the ancient rishis brought sacredness and puja (rituals) to every celebration. For the same reason, Diwali is also a time for pujas. The spiritual aspects of Diwali add depth to the celebrations. Any celebration has to be spiritual as a celebration without spirituality
has no depth.

Celebration is the nature of the spirit and every excuse to celebrate is good. In celebration, you should not only have a party; you must remind yourself of the wisdom. For the one who is not in knowledge, Diwali comes only once a year, but for the wise, Diwali is every moment and every day. Be wise and celebrate Diwali every moment
and everyday of your life.

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2009 Culture in Balance Award – Awarded to H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

2009 Culture in Balance Award – Awarded to H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Yogathon July 5th 2009 Chicago

Register and Participate – Yogathon July 5th 2009 Chicago
Yogathon July 5 2009

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Sri Sri in Switzerland

Sri Sri in Switzerland, May 2009

Sri Sri in Switzerland, May 2009

Thanks to Shalin for sharing the wonderful picture

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May 13 – Happy Birthday


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