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Sri Sri


25 Dec 1996 – Lake Lucerne,Switzerland 
Guruji’s message for Christmas: BE A FOUNTAIN OF LOVE

24 Dec 1997  Bad Antogast  , Germany
Message for Christmas:

You are the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is pointing upwards and its branches grow on all sides. It is orderly. At the time of year when no tree bears anything, it has many gifts to offer. And it is green throughout the year. A Christmas tree bears the gifts and the lights not for itself. All the gifts you are carrying in your life are for others. Anyone who comes to you, you offer them your gifts.

There were lots of gifts around Sri Sri’s couch. John asked Sri Sri, “Are you going to open the gifts?” Sri Sri winked and pointed at the people and said, “I am always opening the gifts.” (Laughter)

Your life is a gift. And you have come to unwrap the gift. In the process of unwrapping, you also save the wrappers. Your whole environment, situations, circumstances and body are the wrapping papers. When we unwrap, we destroy the wrapping paper. We are in such a hurry at times that we even destroy the gifts. With patience and endurance, open your gifts and save the wrapping papers.


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First Knowledge Sheet….



Weekly Knowledge #1 Big Sur, California
21 Jun 1995 USA
This Begins A New Pratice


This begins a new practice of weekly dispatches of Knowledge from Guruji. Every center around the world will receive the Knowledge so it can be read for people to copy down at weekly Satsang. Here is the first segment Guruji dictated at Big Sur, 21 June, 1995.

* * * *

Beyond an event is Knowledge.

Beyond a person is love.

Beyond an object is infinity.

Knowledge is not in an event; it is beyond an event.

If you take one event and infer anything from one event — infer knowledge — it will be erroneous knowledge. Say Nancy gets angry and shouts at someone. You attribute anger to Nancy, but actually it was carried from someone else to her. Someone else got angry first and someone else and someone else and on and on like that.

When you go beyond an event, only then the truth dawns. One particular event gives you a false notion. So you have to consider the totality of events, the totality of all events infinitely. Beyond the event is Knowledge.

What do we call a person? A person is a body, a mind, a complex of behaviors which is changing. Love is unchanging. Beyond the person is love.

When you lose your personality, you become love. If you cannot lose yourself, you cannot find yourself. So, lose your personality; you’ll find yourself!!!

Behind every object is infinity. An object is limited. Take an object and reduce, reduce, reduce, and you have an atom. An atom is infinity. Each atom contains infinite space. Beyond the object is infinity.

The object behind the object is infinity. The person behind the person is love.

Maya is getting caught up in the event, personality, object. Knowledge, love, Brahman is seeing beyond the event, personality, or object. See? Just a little shift.



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Ashthavakra Gita (pdf)


 Click HERE to download the pdf of Sanskrit Text of Ashthavakra Gita

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The whole world functions according to laws of Nature. What is that? That is Shiva.

The whole world is moving in an auspicious rhythm of innocence and intelligence. That auspiciousness is divinity. Shiva is harmonious innocence which knows no control.

Shiva reversed is Vashi. Vashi means control. Control is of the mind. Control means two, weakness. One is not doing something naturally but exerting pressure. Often people think they are in control of their lives, their situation. Control is an illusion. Control is a temporary exertion of energy in the mind. That is Vashi.

Shiva is opposite. Shiva is the permanent and eternal source of Energy, the eternal state of Being, the One without a second.

Duality is the cause of fear. That harmonious innocence dissolves duality.

When the moment is whole, complete, then that moment is Divine. In the moment means no regret of the past, no want for the future. Time stops, the mind stops.

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Meaning of Jai Guru Dev


Weekly Knowledge #16  Bangalore Ashram                               27 Sep 1995  India 


 You know there is a Big Mind and a small mind. Sometimes the Big Mind wins over the small mind and sometimes it is the other way around.

 When the small mind wins over, it is misery and when the Big Mind wins, it is joy.

 Small mind promises joy and leaves your hand empty. Big Mind may bring resistance in the beginning but fills you with joy.

 The word Guru means great. Jaya means victory. Deva means one who is fun-loving, playful, light. One who is playful is often not dignified and when one is dignified, he is often not playful.

Jai Guru Dev is victory to the Big Mind in you that is both dignified and playful. That is what Jai Guru Dev means: “Victory to the Greatness in you.”

You do not say victory or hail to the Master as he has won over already. You say victory to your own Self, your own Mind, which is being veiled by the small mind.

 Jai Guru Dev

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Make The Divine Your Valentine

Weekly Knowledge #88  Fort Lauderdale, Florida                                     12 Feb 1997  USA 

You don’t need to worry to maintain knowledge. When knowledge is lodged in you as wisdom, it will never leave you. Wisdom lodges itself in your heart.
Make the Divine your Valentine ( your sweet Beloved ).
This is the last thing to do and the first thing to do. Keep your heart in a safe place; it is too delicate. Events, small things make strong impressions on it. And you cannot find a better place than the Divine to keep your heart safe and your mind sane. When you keep your heart in the Divine, the moving time, the passing events, will not be able to touch it, will not create a scar.
A precious stone needs a setting around it, gold or silver, to hold it and to wear it; so wisdom and knowledge are that setting around the heart which will hold it in the Divine.
See the Divine in your Valentine and make the Divinity your Valentine (your sweet beloved).

Just BE … and know that you are LOVED… That is BELOVED.

Its ok if you dont know the language of the song, you can feel it by the language of the heart …
Jai Guru Dev !

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Accept the World at its Worst

Weekly Knowledge #85  Dallas, Texas  22 Jan 1997  USA 

Suppose the worst of the world is given to you; what would you do with it now? You cannot complain if you get the worst. You can only complain if you don’t get the worst. If the world is at its worst, then it can only get better and you are here to make it better.
Jim: When things are at their very worst, then there is only time and space. (Laughter)
Patty: When you see that life is suffering then you go within.
Paula: It is like running out of breath and you have to inhale.
What happens when you have to do it all by yourself — no one comes to help? You do everything by yourself?
There are three options:
1.Frustration and complaining.
2.Take credit that you did it by yourself — thank others for not helping so that you  could take all the credit. (Laughter)
3.Be grateful, pray deeply, and know that you get all the energy needed to do it all alone. There is only one doer.
Short story: Guruji was walking along the beach with some devotees and there was a huge desalination plant (changes salt water to fresh water) costing millions of dollars. Nearby was a coconut tree. Guruji looked and pointed out that the tree is a natural desalination plant. It takes the salt water from the earth and makes the fresh water inside the coconut. The knowledge is like the tree — it takes us from salty mud to the pure bliss.
Jai Guru Dev

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